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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Skyview Nursing Center Activities Director, Amy Presley, watches her residents do arts and crafts on a Monday afternoon.

Creative, dedicated, inspiring, and kind. These are only a few traits that every successful Activities Director within a long-term care community possess, but our Activities Director at Skyview Nursing Center holds these same traits, and so much more.

Presley and a Skyview resident play corn hole

Activities Directors are responsible for developing meaningful and purposeful daily activities and social events to boost morale and enrich the lives of the residents within the long-term care community. They can go by many different titles, Life Enrichment Director, Life Engagement Director, Engagement Manager, and Lifestyle Director, but the responsibilities are always similar, and the love for their residents is always strong and true.

Lūʻau treats made by Presley for Nursing Home Week
Presley celebrates Nursing Home Week with a resident

Activities Social Services Director at Skyview Nursing Center, Amy Presley, says that even though this is her first official job as an Activities Director, she believes she has always possessed the right skills necessary for the position, “I was hired in through a friend that knew I was very creative,” Presley said.

“I have a mind that allows me to go to sleep and wake up with so many ideas. Creativity is one of my first loves, because my mother was very creative.”

When Presley overperformed in her first job in health care, a companion aid, the long-term care community paid for her to get her CNA license. Presley then pursued her career as a CNA, serving in hospice and in-home health for more than 15 years. “Growing up, my grandma lived with us, and she was blind and had Alzheimer's disease,” Presley said.

“For as long as I can remember, I have cared for somebody, and Alzheimer's has always been my knack, because of my experience with my grandma. I understand them, even when they don’t always understand us. So, that’s why I got into long-term healthcare.”

Along with being the Activities Director at Skyview Nursing Center, Presley also coordinates Social Services for the long-term care community by helping to identify psychosocial, mental and emotional needs of the residents. As the Social Services director, Presley provides and aids in the access of services to meet those needs.

When Presley was hired on in December of 2020, Skyview Nursing Center paid for her to attend an Activities and Social Services class.

“I did learn a lot about things that you don’t normally think about when you’re in a setting like this,” Presley said. “Some people misconstrue being an Activities Director as just playing games and having fun, but they don’t realize the personal relationships that you have to build with the residents outside of playing Bingo or Uno.”

Presley says that a big part of her job as the Activities Director is learning what her residents like to do the most. “Our residents love playing Bingo, especially if there are prizes involved,” Presley said. “They also absolutely love any type of game that is outside, our residents here live for the outdoors. ‘Sip and Paint’ is also another big favorite of our residents.”

Twice a month Presley brings sparkling juice, non-alcoholic beer, and painting supplies for the residents. With a smile and a salut to the activity, the residents always surprise Presley with their creative talents. “You don’t really know who has creativity until they show up to Sip and Paint,” Presley said. “They just ... amaze you, and that’s what makes my day.”

Skyview resident shows her finished project at Sip and Paint
Presley and a resident show their finished art project

While coordinating Social Services, and planning daily activities outside of outdoor games, Bingo, and Sip and Paint, Presley also goes Wal-Mart shopping for the residents twice a month, and is often looking there and numerous different hobbies and craft stores for enriching activity materials for the residents.

“No matter where I am, even if it’s on personal time, I’m always looking for things that will help keep the residents mentally cognitive and physically active.”

Despite her busy schedule, Presley says she is grateful for the opportunity to give back in her career. “My favorite part about being an Activities Director is seeing the smiles on their faces when they do something they thought they couldn’t do,” Presley said.

“Getting to be their cheerleader during those moments, it’s really touching, and it blesses me more than it blesses them.” - Amy Presley

Long Term Care Resident Using An iPad to Facetime Family

With a State mandated no-visitation policy in place for long term care facilities in Oklahoma, residents have found themselves with an uncommon level of isolation.

Resident's outside communication and relationships with family and loved ones have been strained during the State policy changes and have presented increased challenges for the staff and administrators as they seek opportunities to not only continue high quality physical care, but to address emotional needs and well-being.

Through a State of Oklahoma technology grant program, Voyage Long Term Care was able to acquire a total of 9 Apple iPads for resident use at their facilities across Oklahoma.

With the recent addition of the iPads, residents have been able to embrace the technology to open up those lost lines of communication.

“The iPads purchased through the State grant have been great for our resident’s mental health and overall well-being.” says Kayla Cavner, the Administrator at Oak Hills Care Center in Jones, Oklahoma. “Our Social Services Director uses them for Telehealth video appointments for the residents to ensure they are able to stay connected to their outside providers (like therapists) and don’t have to miss appointments during this time.”

The high price of tablets and phones had previously been a barrier for many residents as they did not have the resources available to purchase these options on their own. The partnership between Voyage LTC and the State of Oklahoma has allowed residents completely free access to the tablets and the ability to sign them out and utilize them at will.

In addition to the iPads, Voyage Long Term Care made the commitment to ensure that the technology was accessible to all residents; regardless of physical limitations. Where necessary, residents were given (at no charge to them) their own personal set of headphones to utilize with the iPads.

“During these unprecedented times, maintaining resident’s outside connections is paramount in ensuring the overall quality of their mental health.” - Kayla Cavner

Cavner goes on to say, “This technology has been exceptionally beneficial in building a communication bridge to the outside world for our residents and their loved ones during these difficult times. Without the partnership between the State of Oklahoma and Voyage LTC, this would not have been possible.”


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