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At Skyview Nursing Center, we offer a variety of therapy options including Speech, Physical, Occupational, and Mental Health for short and long term residents. 


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy in a long term care facility like Skyview Nursing Center has been proven time and time again that it aids in reducing discomfort caused by a variety of ailments, and that with proper rehabilitation, residents are able to stay active and safer for a longer period of time. Our professionally trained therapists evaluate and assess each person to develop a tailored program that fits their individual needs to ensure that our residents can achieve their best results.


Speech Therapy

Often times, residents will develop problems communicating effectively or have limited speech abilities. Our goal at Skyview Nursing Center is to adequately assess and identify speech therapy opportunities with our residents and to create a plan of care that will improve their quality of life by giving them the tools to better express their needs, progress their mental wellbeing, and to improve their relationships through speech.


Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists utilize everyday activities to address physical, mental, and cognitive aspects of our resident’s wellbeing. Our occupational therapy plans are crafted exclusively for the resident, assisting them in meeting their specific needs in any way possible. Care plans may include working directly with residents to develop new ways of approaching everyday situations, such as getting dressed, eating meals, and improving overall strength.


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